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One thought on “The greatest horror-movie-for-flies never made.

  1. “While it was perhaps a noble attempt to reverse a sudden and violent downtrend, by Series VII S4U Power Play was so close to bankruptcy that it was forced to use inferior cardboard for its pogs-note the early acidification in the above picture, taken roughly three weeks after the set’s release-and the lackluster design only drove fans farther away, as they long for a return to S4U’s glory days of Series IV and V. It is believed that the collapse of S4U brought about by the much reviled Series VII set is what started the collapse of pogs in the collector’s market, where the disappointment was most keenly felt as the weak follow-up to the already considered disastrous Series VI suddenly made the most visible and respected titan of the pog industry look foolish and vulnerable, and similarly flaccid releases by its competitors shook the foundation of the once proud empire to its very core. And things would only get worse in the immediate future.”

    -excerpt from “Unpogcedented: The Fall of the Great American Fad of the Mid-90s”, page 186.

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