Slammer Caddy.

Well, of course you’d want your prized slammer immediately accessible at your wrist for spontaneous play:

Note that it actually says “BAN RISK” around the edge of the plastic slammer bubble-thingie, so you know they consider slammer loss prevention to be SERIOUS BUSINESS.

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7 thoughts on “Slammer Caddy.

  1. Mike, I will give you one american dollar to start wearing this thing at all times with a slammer of your choice.

  2. Well, sure, because wearing on your wrist is much safer than keeping it in a box at home.

  3. I will see your one american dollar and raise you an additional american dollar if your slammer of choice is GAK MAN.

  4. Thinking about this item a little, I might understand its purpose. All the “ban risk” language. It’s not that they’re worried about LOSING their slammers per se, so much as having their slammers CONFISCATED at schools that banned Pogs as “gambling” or whatever. So the purpose of this thing is hiding your slammer in plain sight, I guess.

    Not hiding it very WELL, in all likelihood, but probably well enough to trick a dumb kid into spending a couple bucks on this item….

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