The Original MoonCaster Flying Disc Kit (1994).

I’m pretty sure in actual practice, all those “NEVERs” were replaced with “ALWAYS.”

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9 thoughts on “The Original MoonCaster Flying Disc Kit (1994).

  1. NEVER insert a metal disc indeed! One insanely slow day in the store,boredom led myself and a young staffer to begin launching assorted pogs out into the street from the doorway of the store.
    We advanced to slammers quickly, and then sanity went out the window as I loaded a Loonie(Canadian dollar coin), into the caster. A quick flip of the wrist took a noticeable chunk out of a brick wall nearly a 100 yards away. I was damn lucky no pedestrians were between me and that wall.

  2. Looks like the ideal tool for a mean older sibling to dispose of the things into an inaccessible place (off a bridge, into a ravine, a dump, body of water, etc.) while little bro/sis (did girls ever get into pogs?) freaks out.

  3. Oh dear lord! I have been searching for my nemesis since ’93. Teddy, the neighbor boy, had this. He would galavant around the neighborhood chucking caps shouting “it’s Mac tonight” ala McDonald’s. August 12th, 1993 I lost my left eye to an advertising mascot/a milk cap craze.

  4. The best use of “pogs” yet. 1. Hurl them as far away from yourself as possible.
    2. Do not retrieve.

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