No, not “FIIISH” — “FINISH.”

And that’s the end of regular posting here at This was always intended to be a project with a limited lifespan, and if you stuck with it…thank you! I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Or perhaps you relived some past terrors previously, thankfully, forgotten.

Now, I said that’s the end of regular posting. I will still update once in a while, as, believe it or not, I’m still sort of plowing through items in this collection, and as I come across new items of interest, I’ll throw ’em up on this site. I just won’t be doing it on a daily basis any longer.

It has also been pointed out to me that I didn’t write nearly enough about the actual retailing of pogs. While I covered the topic to some extent on my other site…yeah, I probably should have said more about it here. I’ll see what I can do about going into more detail about the retail end of things in future posts.

So anyway, it’s not “goodbye,” but “see you again in a while.”


(oh God)

If I’m gonna start plogging, might as well kick it off with a fancy unicorn slammer.

Welcome to my new site, where we’ll be taking a long, lingering look at those little oddball cardboard, metal and plastic discs that were once all the rage, that men once dared called, in whispered tones…”pogs.” I’m sure you’re asking, “why, why?” so here’s an appropriately-titled page for you.

Please enjoy this rather elaborately-designed unicorn slammer, complete with a ruby-red “gemstone” in its eye:

You can thank my pal Matt Wilson for the term “plogging” (pog blogging), by the way.