“Slam Battle.”

A still-sealed package of Marvel “Collector SlamCaps” from SlamCo:

The caps feature pics of Spider-Man, Wolverine, other X-Men, but no Forbush Man, far as I can tell. The topmost cap is a gold-embossed Marvel Comics logo, hence that lovely glare. I would open this up and scan the caps themselves, and find out once and for all if there’s a Forbush Man in there, but…if I open the package, it’s no longer mint! No longer mint!

DC Skycaps unpunched sheet (1993).

I don’t remember the “if any” bet-hedging in too much of the advertising for the Death and Return of Superman saga. Also, that “Skycap Slammer” in the center is of the same cardboard material as the other caps…it seems like it wouldn’t have quite the “heft” necessary to properly slam and flip the other caps, as per the instructions. However, I admittedly lack direct experience in milkcap gaming physics, so I could be wrong. Or, you know, if the stack is taller than, say, the other four caps on this sheet, maybe you can get some to flip over.

This is about the most I’ve thought about the actual mechanics of pog-play in about 17 years. …Well played, Return of Superman Skycaps, well played.